Big news for JGTV!

I’m so happy to add a new instructor to the John Garey TV Teaching Team. Her name is Sheri Long and we have been friends and colleagues in the Pilates industry for many years.

Sheri and I met in 2017 at the Contrologia Conference in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil. At that point, I was already 3 years into JGTV and working as a Master Teacher. I was excited to meet teachers from different schools, but Sheri really stood out to me. I was so impressed with her teaching skills, energy, and warm personality. We hit it off immediately and spent lots of time together during the conference. Later on, I asked Sheri to be my guest on the John Garey Show where I was able to learn more about her and her career (JGTV members can watch that conversation here!).

About a year ago, I decided I wanted to add a very special and small group of instructors to JGTV so that it would continue to grow as the best online studio in the world. Sheri was an obvious choice. She has talent, is very good on camera, and has a complementary style of Pilates to my own. 

Sheri is teaching Mat, Reformer, and all of the Pilates apparatus. She just finished filming a 6-Week Beginner Reformer Series (3 workouts per week), which will be released in September 2020. Plus, you can enjoy a new workout each week from Sheri. As of mid-August, she has already released eight new classes for the JGTV community! I know that you’re going to love her classes and I encourage you to take them all. 

Watch my recent interview with Sheri!

Sheri’s Bio:

Sheri has been a certified Pilates instructor since 2001 and a Pilates educator since 2009. For over 40 years, Sheri has been connected to movement and has an extensive background in dance, fitness, and health.  Sheri has taught in South Africa, Europe, Asia, Australia, Brazil, and throughout the United States. She has created workshops targeted towards Specific populations and many practical workshops. She has had the honor of presenting Workshops at numerous conferences including the Pilates Method Alliance Conference in 2016, 2017, 2019, BASI Pilates Learn From the Leaders United States in 2016 and 2019, BASI Pilates Learn From the Leaders South Africa in 2018, Contrologia Brasil International Conference in 2016, 2017, and 2018, February Fitness International Meeting Leon Spain in 2019, and The 5th Athens Symposium in 2014.

Sheri continues to participate in ongoing education to refine her skills and teaching ability. She brings a commitment and passion for learning, believing the path to excellent teaching is through the experience of an avid student. Sheri also owns her own studio in El Segundo, California where she provides private sessions, semi-privates, small group classes and now online classes and sessions.

I have another teacher joining our team (to be announced soon!) and I’m working on adding 2 more. If you or someone you know would be a good fit to join us on JGTV, simply send an email to and we’ll give you more information on the application process.  Who knows, you could be the next Pilates Teacher internet sensation!

Interested in taking Sheri’s classes but don’t have access to JGTV?

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