The Values that Drive John Garey Pilates

Make fitness approachable & accessible

Transparency & Freedom of Information

Never Stop Learning &

John Garey is on a mission to make Pilates fun and approachable

He wants everyone who is interested to experience Pilates—and share his love of fitness. He wants more Pilates teachers out there in the world inspiring health and wellness. John believes in transparency and freedom of information: he offers breakdowns of classes and exercises and loves answering questions about fitness.

John is driven by personal movement and transformation. It’s why he pursued a path in health and fitness. On that path, he’s never stopped learning. Personally, he’s drawn to books, authors, and leaders that help him grow. While he has an eclectic taste in subjects, it all has to do with balance. That desire to grow, learn, and balance percolates through his work as a teacher as he honestly shares what he is working on or going through.

“I am always looking for ways to improve–
as a human, a teacher, and a mover.”

– John Garey

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