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Join John Garey, master Pilates Teacher, and other incredible teachers in over 800 potent workouts and experience our fun and athletic twist on Pilates this holiday season!

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JGTV is designed for enthusiasts of Fitness and Pilates who want to have fun while getting maximum results! New videos are added weekly, for a stream of fresh workouts varied in length, equipment, and intensity. It's the ideal online training environment for anyone who wants to learn perfect form, how and why we do what we do with each exercise, and how to combine exercises for safe, effective and fun workouts!
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Just starting? Have some experience? Or are you a Pilates instructor?
We have videos and tools for every step of your Pilates journey.

Just starting?
Our progressive beginner’s mat and reformer series are designed just for you!


Try our intermediate and advanced videos with both traditional and non-traditional exercises and kick your workouts into the next gear.


Pilates instructor?
You’ll love our easy-to-reference download notes with every workout. New at instructing? Our encyclopedia of mat and reformer exercises will help you evolve your capacity quickly.

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We offer video classes for Pilates Reformer, Pilates Mat, Pilates Chair, Cadillac / Trapeze Table, Springwall, Ladder Barrel, TRX, and tons of other pieces of small Pilates props.

Plus we have a large selection of athletic fitness workouts using dumbbells, medicine balls, trampoline, tubing, and more.

Each class comes with a downloadable PDF guide with easy-to-follow thumbnail images.

NEW! Join one of our world-class Pilates Teachers in one of our many high energy classes on all apparatus.

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You truly inspire me with my workout goals and journey. I have tried many classes and instructors and websites. You are by far the most diverse. Your positive energy is amazing!!

Heather Yerger

Great beginner and gentle workout to enable me to work up to more. I Like how I don't have to look at the video because you explain it so well.

Laurel Hammond

I'm a new instructor and you are my hero! xo!! Bless much!!

Julie Keys

I’ll say it again....I just LOVE your workouts! You have really combined the best of Pilates & weight training...TY!

Angelika Kopek

So much fun! As always, you're the model of energy and fun in your workouts - I hope to be as inspiring a teacher as you are one day! Warmest of wishes from Western Australia.

Shane Crozier

Just wanted to say as a Pilates instructor I am enjoying your videos from a mans perspective.

Tracy Lynn Savko

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