reformer pilates challenge

When was the last time you challenged yourself and your fitness level? Regardless of your workout preference, it can be easy to fall into a routine that doesn’t change. You might find yourself showing up and going through the motions, but not really feeling challenged. Or, maybe you’ve gotten into a routine of not working out, and you’re looking for a spark to get you back into the groove. Consider this is your sign to shake up your fitness routine, and join a Pilates challenge. Follow along below to understand which of our JGTV Pilates challenges is right for you, and try your hand at our Pilates quiz.

Whether you’re a workout fanatic or newbie, Pilates is a great way to work the whole body from the inside out, and increase your mobility while you’re at it.

Why Choose Pilates For A Challenge?

So, maybe you think “fitness challenge” and think HIIT workouts, a triathlon, or even an Instagram push-up challenge. Maybe you expected us to suggest a high interval challenge or some kind of weight-lifting/cardio combo killer. However, if you’ve taken even just one Pilates class in your life, or you haven’t even taken a class and just talked to a friend who is hooked, you understand the life-changing results Pilates can have.

When incorporated into a regular workout routine, Pilates can help target all of the muscle groups in a balanced way. This results in that lean and toned look Pilates is famous for. It can also help with mobility, improve balance, and serve as a low-impact rehabilitation for past injuries.


There are two main forms of Pilates workouts. One takes place solely on a mat and involves multiple low weight or body-weight movements. These workouts are perfect for those who are new to Pilates and don’t want to be too concerned with complicated equipment straight off the bat. 


The other form of Pilates workouts takes place on the Reformer. This contraption was invented by Mr. Pilates himself to help intensify Pilates movements by providing resistance in the form of springs. As your strength increases, you can change to thicker and stiffer springs to add more of a challenge to your movements. 

No matter which form of Pilates workout you choose, on the mat, upon the Reformer, or a combination of both, it’s bound to be a unique and challenging form of exercise. And, it shows results faster than you were expecting. The only way to make this work out better? A good, competitive challenge.

Pilates Quiz: Which Pilates Challenge Is Right For You?

Grow your booty, tone those abs, or feel more flexible with the right JGTV Pilates challenge for your lifestyle. There is a challenge for everybody and every body, so let us help you find the one that is right for you.


You are constantly on the go. You’ve got a lot to do and not a lot of time to do any of it. But, you want to move your body in a way that will help you see results, work up a sweat, and crack a smile, all within a short window.

Sound like you? Take a look at our 20 minute workout series. Here, you will find a series and challenges for all Pilates experience levels. From quick and efficient mat workouts to Reformer, Pilates Chair, and Pilates Tower workouts, there is a workout series here for you. If you have 20 minutes, which, let’s be honest, we can all watch one less Netflix episode or spend a little less time scrolling through TikTok, this series will get you sweating in record time.


For you, peach season is year-round. You’re always looking for a way to target and grow those booty muscles. Or, you’ve always been envious of those Pilates buns and are looking for a pair of your own.

If this sounds like you, JGTV’s booty challenge is right where you want to be. This seven workout challenge uses a variety of equipment to help tone, sculpt, and grow your booty. Take the challenge once to wake up those glutes and get on your way to a consistent booty-building routine, or challenge yourself more than once and amp up the weight or reps each time. Either way, you will be sweating and your booty will be poppin’!


We say “toned abs,” and you say “say less!” You’re looking for any and all ways to tighten up that midsection, tone your abs, and improve your posture, all by working out that core. No matter the movement, no matter the equipment, if it targets your abs, you’re abs-olutely in.

If this describes you and your workout goals, our abs series is perfect for you. Another series that uses different equipment, every workout will challenge your core and wake up those deep abdominal muscles that don’t normally see the effects of traditional ab exercises. Meet us on the mat for a tummy-tucking workout filled with bodyweight movements, or join us on your Reformer and challenge your stability, posture, and balance.


You are new to Pilates, or working out in general, and you want to achieve that long, leaned-out look without breaking the bank on expensive Pilates equipment. You’re on the hunt for a good workout that gives you that infamous “Pilates shake” and allows you to progress as you get stronger.

Our array of mat Pilates series is your one-stop-shop for all things intro to Pilates. We offer beginner, intermediate, and advanced-level mat Pilates workouts to help you ease into this new form of workouts. Start your journey with us on the mat, progress your way through our different series, and celebrate your results! 


You are a Pilates veteran, so much so that you have invested in a Reformer for your home, and you want to increase and refine your movements. Or, you’re new to the Reformer and want a gentle introduction.

We offer a variety of Reformer programs that are perfect for you! Start on our beginner Reformer series in order to learn how the machine works, the basic movements, and proper form. As you become stronger and more confident, you can move through our intermediate and advanced Reformer series. We will meet you where you’re at on the Reformer and challenge your fitness to levels you never thought you’d reach.

Choose JGTV For Your Next Pilates Challenge

Regardless of the challenge that is right for you and your lifestyle, JGTV provides a fun and welcoming environment that will push you to your limits, and keep you smiling the entire way. Each of our certified trainers brings their own spice to each workout, and each combines their expertise with a sense of humor that will keep you coming back for more. Switch up your workout routine with a Pilates challenge that will get you out of your rut, shock your muscles, and recharge your motivation to keep working towards your fitness goals.