Hello JG Friends!

WI’m super excited to review that latest book I’m reading, The Four Agreements, by Don Miguel Ruiz. I just discovered this book and really like the message.

My goal for John Garey TV is to help you become better instructors, take some of the stress out of programming for your clients and classes, keep you up to date on what’s happening with me and our businesses, and to entertain you along the way, of course.  

But I also want to share with you the books I’m reading and my thoughts on both professional and personal development. So when I’m reading a new book (at least new for me) – I want to share what I’m reading and how I feel it can help us as instructors, business owners, and human beings. 

I made a commitment last year to read at least 2 books a month on self / business / financial improvement. History has shown us that the most successful people never stop learning or striving to be better. As I’m keeping this commitment, I want to encourage you to do it as well. I hope that this episode will inspire you to read and study and learn and share your knowledge with others.

I also read some comments and suggestions from viewers and update you on John Garey TV. I’ve put some resources down below the video for you to check out as well.  Hope you enjoy Episode 9!


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