pilates at home

A consistent Pilates practice can be nothing short of revolutionary for your body and mind—that is, if you actually go to your Pilates classes! It’s a trend many people are guilty of: you’re motivated to work out and want to positively change your life but struggle to find the time to consistently show up. Most of the time, you have solid reasons! The Pilates studio is too far away, the class schedule is limited, or your favorite teacher only has class at 5 am (and not everyone is a morning person). What if you could create a Pilates studio at home without losing any of the ambiance, community, and calm from a typical Pilates studio? Keep reading to learn how to set up a pilates home studio in five easy steps. 

Why Practice Pilates at Home

Getting in your Pilates sessions doesn’t have to be stressful or difficult. Creating a personalized home Pilates studio space can help solve many of the problems that keep you from building a consistent practice. If you’ve got a home space that’s equipped with everything you need, you won’t have to pay those costly monthly membership fees at the boutique studio across town. You also won’t need to commute or pay for gas and parking. Even better, you can avoid the fear of trying out new poses in front of strangers in class. Add to that the convenience of working out whenever, and yes, wherever you want, and you’ll be completely out of excuses! 

How to Set Up a Pilates Home Studio

If you’re ready to take the leap and create your own Pilates home studio, you’re in the right place. Here is a complete guide to what you’ll need to get set up, and how to maximize your space for your unique needs. Ready, set, get a Pilates home studio! 


The first step to setting up a Pilates at home studio is selecting your space. This first step is crucial. You need to find a private space in your home where you can have uninterrupted time to exercise. Ideally, if you have any extra rooms in your house (guest rooms or basements) you can transform those. If it’s got a door, it’s perfect. You might not live in a spacious home, and that’s more than okay! Luckily, Pilates doesn’t require much space. Take a walk through your home and look for any nooks that you might be able to transform. If you don’t have a door, see if you can drape some fabric from the ceiling. 

Tips: Once you’ve picked out a spot, ask yourself, Will I be able to fully relax here? Remember: Pilates is designed to be a workout, but also a moment of relaxation in your day. Take the privacy part seriously, you don’t want to be disturbed during Pilates time!


You’ve picked out a nice spot in your home where you won’t be disturbed to practice your Pilates. Now you need to fill up the space with the essentials! Whether you’d like to keep things simple and practice Pilates solely on the mat or invest in a Pilates reformer, is up to you. But here’s a list of options to get you started.

You’ll need:

  • An exercise mat (any old mat will do)

You’ll want:


You’ve gotten your Pilates essentials, and are ready to put the finishing touches on your Pilates home studio. This part is really fun because it’s the opportunity to truly make this space feel special. Think about how you might want to decorate your space. Do you want to put art on the walls, drape a tapestry, or paint the walls different colors from the rest of your home? Making this space unique from the rest of your home can help you create that out-of-the-house feeling. Maybe some plants by the window, or a full-length mirror to watch your form, can elevate your space. For inspiration, check out these home studios. 


The biggest hesitation you might have about switching to a solely at-home Pilates practice is giving up the community feel of in-person Pilates classes. With John Garey Pilates and JGTV, you don’t have to! They bring the fun back into Pilates and the studio feel to your home. 

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Now that you’re not going to an in-person studio, you’ll need to design a schedule for your own at-home studio. One of the best ways to hit your fitness goals is to plan when you’ll work out (we already know where you will be working out). Grab your planner and pencil in your workouts to fit into your schedule. When the time comes, no excuses, hop on into your personalized Pilates home studio and get to work! Your mind, body, and soul will thank you later on. 

You Got This!

Whether you’re just starting out, or have been practicing Pilates for years, intentionally creating a home Pilates studio can be the next step in developing your Pilates practice. You might just find that a home space gives you the privacy and freedom to learn at a pace that works best for you. You got this!