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homepage-2Three new classes are added to our library each week.   We film two live classes each week, and then add them to our growing library.  You can watch the class live on our Live Workouts page, or find it here after the broadcast.  Every Monday at 9am PDT, we film a Reformer or other Pilates Equipment class. On Wednesday at 8am PDT, we film a Pilates Mat class.   And on Friday we're not live, but we a new fitness based class to the library using tools most fitness and Pilates studios already have.

Some of the workouts are with John by himself and others are with John teaching one or more participants. You'll get tips on how to cue and correct the exercises and other teaching skills to help you become a better instructor. There are full body classes and classes that target specific areas or muscle groups of the body. The classes range from fifteen minutes to one hour and fifteen minutes.

You can browse through our library of past videos and you can also use the search function to find various class types (Fitness, Pilates, Pilates-inspired and more), various types of equipment, specific muscle groups, as well as different intensity levels.

In addition, you can download a PDF with the notes on each of our workouts. The PDF has information from the video (like equipment set up, and number of repetitions and sets), plus thumbnail photos of each exercise for quick reference.

Watch this overview video for even more information on our Workouts & Classes videos.

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Intermediate Pilates Chair Workout 10-16-17 • Time: 31:48 minutes

This is a full body workout using this incredible and versatile piece of the traditional Pilates equipment. We take traditional pilates exercises and put them together into a fun and challenging workout.

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Oct 16, 2017
Intermediate Level • Medium Intensity
All About Shoulders and Arms Workout • Time: 18:39 minutes

This workout is part of our All About Series workouts. It contains supersets of exercises that target the shoulders, biceps and triceps.

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Oct 14, 2017
Intermediate Level • Medium Intensity
Pilates Mat: All About Legs Workout • Time: 27:12 minutes

This workout is for the muscles of the lower body. We programmed this for group classes or studios that do not have heavy leg equipment to use.

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Oct 12, 2017
Intermediate Level • Medium Intensity
Jump Board Glutes Thighs and Abs WorkoutJump Board – Glutes, Thighs and Abs Workout • Time: 48:16 minutes

This Jump Board workout focuses on strengthening and shaping the abs and lower body. It’s fast paced and challenging.

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Oct 9, 2017
Intermediate Level • High Intensity
Upper Body Circuit with Swiss Ball and DumbbellsUpper Body Circuit with Swiss Ball and Dumbbells • Time: 23:21 minutes

Upper Body Circuit is an endurance workout using dumbbells and a stability ball. The exercises were selected and placed in order to work opposing muscles from one exercise to the next allowing for faster recovery.

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Oct 6, 2017
Beginner Level • Medium Intensity
Advanced Pilates Mat Circuit Workout • Time: 33:36 minutes

Advanced Mat Circuit is a full body Pilates workout. Using sets of exercises that compliment each other allows participants to improve their skills, burn a ton of calories, and have a blast without a ton of new exercises to do or learn.

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Oct 4, 2017
Advanced Level • Medium Intensity
Lower Body Circuit • Time: 25:09 minutes

Lower Body Circuit is a full lower body endurance workout. Complete 2-4 rounds of the workout depending on available time and level of participant. There are 6 exercises in each round.

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Sep 29, 2017
Intermediate Level • Medium Intensity
Reformer Fitness WorkoutReformer Fitness Workout 9-25-17 • Time: 28:13 minutes

This Reformer Workout is a fun marriage of the fitness and Pilates worlds. This is an intermediate full body workout.

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Sep 25, 2017
Intermediate Level • Medium Intensity
Moscow Mobility Workout • Time: 46:11 minutes

This class is a great way to aid recovery, increase range of motion, and simply relax the body. It’s a combination of dynamic and static stretching techniques that I use for myself and I find very effective.

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Sep 23, 2017
Beginner Level • Low Intensity
Pilates for Fitness Core Focus Featured ImagePilates For Fitness: Reformer Core Focus • Time: 31:16 minutes

In this workout, we’re focusing on some of my favorite, unique exercises on the Reformer that target the core and integrate the full body.

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Sep 18, 2017
Intermediate Level • Medium Intensity
All You Need Is You 2All You Need Is You 2 • Time: 21:42 minutes

Intermediate calisthenics put together in a creative and high energy workout. The workout is divided into 4 sections (Full body, Lower Body, Upper Body and Core Focus).

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Sep 15, 2017
Intermediate Level • Medium Intensity
Reformer Mobility Workout • Time: 27:15 minutes

The Reformer Mobility Workout is perfect for clients who are working on increasing range of motion. So it’s great for clients who sit all day or for athletes who are particularly tight.

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Sep 12, 2017
Beginner Level • Low Intensity