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Reformer Mobility Workout

Equipment/Props (Click to purchase)

Length: 27:15 • Pilates With Equipment
Beginner Level • Low Intensity
Primary Muscles: Full Body


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The Reformer Mobility Workout is perfect for clients who are working on increasing range of motion.  So it’s great for clients who sit all day or for athletes who are particularly tight.  It’s also great as a recovery workout, or as an extended cool down after a high intensity workout.  It is designed as a full body mobility workout.  

Programming Tips:

The recommended springs are for a STOTT PILATES® Reformer.  Other manufacturer’s Reformers may need different spring adjustments.  This is meant as a mobility or recovery workout, but specific exercises can be added or taken out depending on client needs and abilities.  This is a full body workout and can be combined with workouts on other apparatus for a full hour, or used as an ‘express’ workout.  

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One Response to Reformer Mobility Workout

  1. Faith W September 14, 2017 at 5:10 pm #

    Love this workout! Have been running a lot and this feels soooo good. Thanks so very much for all of the great programming!

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