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Athletic Conditioning on the Mat

Equipment/Props (Click to purchase)

  • Body Weight (No Props)
Length: 53:50 • Pilates Mat (No Props)
Intermediate Level • High Intensity
Primary Muscles: Full Body


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This is a challenging program.  It’s great for those clients that are new to Pilates, but are fit and used to a more traditional fitness workout.  It’s also a really fun variation for your traditional Pilates Clients.  There’s something for everyone in this workout.

Programming Tips:

This program can be performed every other day and it can be added to other workouts for a more complete program – for instance cardio, strength training, Pilates equipment, etc. Please be sure that you or your clients and classes are ready for all of these exercises.  Proper assessment and progressions must be completed with each participant in order to assure a safe and effective workout.

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