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15 Tips For Your Next Group Fitness Instructor Audition

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Length: 24:36 •
Beginner Level • Low Intensity
Primary Muscles:


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The goal of this workshop is to provide Group Fitness Instructors with the tools to have the best possible audition. After running a few auditions recently at our studio in Long Beach, I was surprised by how the auditions went and realized that although this is an essential step to teaching at a studio or gym, many instructors lack the skills to perform successfully.  This could be because it’s not a focus in most training programs and these skills are unique to the situation.  So, I’ve come up with 15 tips based on my own experience auditioning in the past and hiring in the present.  The first 5 tips are for before the audition, the second 5 tips are for during the audition, and the last 5 tips are for after the audition.


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