Get access to 300+ Pilates Reformer Workouts, Series, and Challenges.
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JGTV Reformer Only

John Garey TV's Reformer Only Subscription provides access to over 250 Pilates Reformer workouts complete with instructor notes/instructions. Just getting started? Check out our Beginner Reformer Series which will take you through progressive workouts to build your Pilates skills. We also have an Intermediate Reformer Series and tons of advanced Reformer workouts for those with Pilates experience. You'll get access to the Reformer encyclopedia filled with detailed information about proper form/execution, anatomy/biomechanics, regressions, progressions, and programming tips. You'll have access to Reformer mixed equipment workouts that combine Reformer with other pilates equipment or free weights. There's also tons of Reformer workouts that utilize small Pilates props like the Pilates Circle to help enhance your workouts. We add one new Reformer workout every week!

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