Upper Body Sculpt Workout with Karla 2-23-18

This workout focuses on the chest, back, shoulders and arms. This is the perfect workout for group classes or studios that do not have heavy equipment to use for strength work. It is part of our Sculpt Series, which includes our Lower Body Sculpt and Abs Sculpt Workouts. The workout is put together in 2 Rounds. Each round has one exercise for Chest, Back, Shoulder, Bis and Tris. The exercises are placed in order to complement, so you can perform them back to back with no break. This saves time and increases the energy demands of the workout. Breaks may be taken between sets or when needed. Programming Tips: This workout is intermediate level and may be performed every other day. Combine this workout with our Lower Body Sculpt and Abs Sculpt for a full body program. Not all exercises are for all people, so pick and choose the exercises that are right for you or your client.

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