Description: The Twist is an advanced and complicated exercise with many moving parts. ?It? especially challenging because you?e moving in all three planes and balancing on one hand and basically one foot. ?It? a great exercise to increase strength in lateral system of the body, as well as coordination.Start Position: Begin seated on the mat on one hip. ?Your bottom leg is bent and resting on the floor and your top leg is bent and the knee is pointing toward the ceiling. ?Your bottom arm is straight and your hand is on the floor. ?Your hand hip and foot form a straight line. ?Your top arm is straight and is resting on your top knee. ?Your spine is as neutral as possible.To Perform the Exercise:_ Inhale extend your knees and abduct your legs, and laterally flex your spine. ?Simultaneously, reach your top hand to the ceiling. ??Keep your head in line with your spine. ?Exhale and rotate toward the floor with your hips flexing and top arm reaching under your body. ?Then inhale back to the laterally flexed position. ?Then exhale and rotate your rib cage toward the ceiling. ?Inhale and return to the laterally flexed position, but this time your top arm reaches over your head. ?Then exhale and return to the start position. ?Complete 3-5 repetitions on each side.

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