Thigh Stretch

Advanced Thigh Stretch on the Reformer is not actually a stretch. ItÌÎÌÌ´å«s more of an eccentric contraction of the quadricep muscles, followed by an assisted concentric action. ItÌÎÌÌ´å«s a simple but challenging movement. Thigh Stretch requires strength, balance, and control. Kneeling on the reformer is very challenging. The use of a trained professional to assist the participant in this exercise is highly recommended. Start Position:Begin kneeling on the reformer facing the back. I prefer the knees against the shoulder rests for awareness of body position. Hold onto the ropes with a small amount of tension in the springs. Three full tension springs are recommended. Keep your hips, pelvis and spine in the neutral position.To Perform the Exercise:Inhale and hinge back by flexing your knees. Keep the hips and spine neutral, but look forward so that your head nods slightly taking the strain out of the neck. Then exhale and lift your arms so that the springs gently assist you back to the start position. Complete 3-5 repetitions.

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