The Hundreds

Description: The Hundreds, considered by Pilates to be a warm-up exercise, takes a considerable amount of abdominal strength. ?It? truly a breathing exercise with vigorous arm movements to help oxygenate the blood. ?It? a staple in most Pilates Mat and Reformer classes and understanding the nuances is essential to making this exercise what it is intended to be.Start Position: Begin supine with you upper torso in flexion, lumbar in neutral (or slightly flexed) and legs together and straight as low as you can stabilize the pelvis. ?Your arms are reaching long and just off of the mat with elbows slightly flexed.To Perform the Exercise: _Inhale for five counts as you vigorously pump your arms up and down from the shoulder joint. ?Then Exhale and continue pumping the arms. ?Everything but your arms should remain fixed. ?Complete 10 sets.

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