Tendon Stretch

This advanced level exercise requires strength, mobility, and a leap of faith. It is great for strengthening the upper body, core and legs. Small changes in the spring tension can really change the challenge of this exercise. Lighter spring tension will emphasize the core (abdominals), and hip flexors as they act to keep the body in flexion, and more spring tension will emphasize the upper body, the triceps and pecs and lats specifically.Equipment Set Up:Foot Bar should all the way up. Carriage set for footwork.Start Position:Begin standing on the carriage with your feet on the edge, facing the pulleys. Have your heels off the edge of the carriage. Knees are extended, and spine and hips are flexed. Reach back and hold the footbar with your hands. Keep your head down so that your neck follows the line of the rest of your spine. Your weight should be on your feet.To Perform the Exercise:Inhale and shift your weight onto your hands, keeping the spine and hips flexed and knees extended. Move the carriage out as far as you can maintaining the shape of your body. Then exhale and reverse the movement pulling up through the center of your body to bring the carriage back to the stopper shifting your weight from your hands to your feet. Complete 5-8 repetitions

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