This advanced level exercise requires strength mobility and control. It is great for strengthening the upper body, core and legs. Small changes in the spring tension can really change the challenge of this exercise. Lighter spring tension will emphasize the core (abdominals) as they act on the spine, and more spring tension will emphasize the gluteus maximus and hamstrings as they act on hip extension. Use a trained Pilates Professional to spot during this exercise.Equipment Set Up:Foot Bar should be one up from the bottom. Begin facing the side of the reformer. Use 1-2 springs depending on the focus of the exercise and strength of the client. Start Position:Place the foot closest to the footbar on the end of that side of the foot bar and the other leg wraps in front of it and is hooked under the footbar. One hand is on the opposite shoulder rest and the other hand is on the opposite corner of the carriage, closest to the spring end. Knees are extended and spine and hips are flexed. Keep your body as square to the carriage as possible.To Perform the Exercise:Inhale and extend your hips first, keeping the spine flexed as long as possible. Continue Inhaling and articulate your spine from flexion to extension beginning with the pelvis. Finishing when in slight extension of the spine. Then exhale and reverse the movement to return the carriage. Complete 3-5 repetitions and then repeat on the other side.

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