Slow Double Leg Stretch

Description: The Slow Double Leg Stretch is an intermediate level exercise and is part of the Ab Series, of which there are five exercises. ?This Pilates Mat exercise challenges core strength, as well as, coordination.Start Position: Begin supine with you upper torso in flexion, lumbar in neutral (or slightly flexed) and legs in a diamond shape with toes pointed and touching. ?Your arms are reaching long with elbows slightly flexed and hands on the outside of your knees.To Perform the Exercise:_ Exhale and flex your torso up, but keep the lumbar spine stable. ?Then inhale, and reach the legs long and parallel and reach the arms long as well, into the hundreds position. ?Then exhale, and reach the arms up above your head keeping the spine stable as you dorsi-flex the ankles. ?Next inhale, circle the arms around and laterally rotate the hip joint, begin to point the toes. ?Continue to circle the arms back to the hundreds position and bring the legs back to parallel. ?Finally exhale as you return your torso ?to the mat and bring the legs back to a diamond shape and rest your hands back on your knees. ?Complete 5-8 repetitions.

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