This exercise is named for the movements involved. Skating on the Reformer is an intermediate move (some view it as more advanced) and it takes both strength and coordination. ItÌÎÌ_Ì´å«s the perfect exercise for those wishing to work the muscles of the lower body and to work in multiple planes. Start Position:Be very careful getting on and off of the equipment for this exercise. Be sure to have a trained professional spot the person performing the exercise. Also be sure to step up and down off of the solid platform and not the carriage which can move. Begin standing, facing the side, with one foot on the platform and the other on the carriage. Your knees and hips are flexed so that you are in an athletic stance. Your spine and pelvis should be in neutral, but hinged forward with slight extension in the cervical spine, eyes facing forward. To Perform the Exercise:Exhale as you extend and abduct the platform leg to push the carriage out, keeping the carriage leg stable. Then hold the carriage steady as you extend the carriage leg and shift your weight onto the platform leg, flexing the knee and hip. Then inhale as you return the carriage by flexing and adducting the leg on the carriage side. Your torso and pelvis should remain neutral and stable the entire time. Complete 3-5 repetitions and then repeat facing the other direction.

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