Single Leg Stretch

Description: Single Leg Stretch is the first exercise in what is known as the Ab Series in the Pilates Mat Repertoire. It? one of 4 or 5 exercises (depending on the level) ?that primarily focuses on strengthening your abs and hip flexors. ?It? challenging because it requires sustained tension on the abs while moving the legs.Start Position: Begin supine with you upper torso in flexion, lumbar in neutral (or slightly flexed) and legs together and in table top. ?Your arms are reaching for your ankles.To Perform the Exercise: _Exhale as you straighten one leg and reach it toward the floor and reach both hands toward the bent leg. ?Your inside hand reaches for the inside of the knee and your outside hand reaches for the ankle. ?Inhale as the legs pass each other on the switch and exhale as you reach the opposite leg away. ?Complete 8-10 repetitions.

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