Side Leg Lift Series

Description: This series is not part of the original Pilates Mat Repertoire, but is part of the STOTT PILATES repertoire and is great for beginners and those preparing for some of the more challenging work in the original repertoire.Start Position: Begin side lying on the mat in one long line. ?Spine is neutral. ??Head is resting on your bottom arm. ?Top hand is resting on the mat in front of you.To Perform the Exercise:_ Top Leg Lifts _ Inhale, keep your toes pointed and lift the top leg as high as you can without hiking the hip. ?Then exhale, flex the ankle and lower the leg back down. ?You should have a feeling of lengthening, both on the way up and down. ???Repeat 8-10 repetitions Top Leg Circles _ Start with your top leg hip height. ?Inhale and bring the leg forward and up and then exhale and take the leg back and down to the start position. ???Repeat 5 repetitions and then reverse the direction. Staggered Leg Lifts _ Inhale and lift the top leg and then exhale and lift the bottom leg to meet the top. ?Continue to exhale as you lower both legs down together. ???Repeat 5-8 repetitions Both Legs Lift _ Exhale and lift both legs together keeping the spine and pelvis neutral. ???Repeat 5-8 repetitions* Side Bend _ Place your top hand on your top side. ?Then exhale and lift your legs as well as side flex your torso to bend. ?Then inhale as you return to the start position. ??Complete 5-8 repetitionsComplete all exercises to be performed on one side and then repeat the series on the other side.

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