Side Kick Kneeling

Description: The Side Kick Kneeling, an advanced Pilates mat exercise, is particularly challenging because of the stabilization required. ?As you flex and extend your top hip, your torso, bottom arm and leg need to hold your body still. ??This is quite difficult because you have only one knee and hand on the floor. ?You will also feel the hip abductors on both the top and bottom leg working to hold the position. ?Start Position: Begin on one knee and hand in a modified side plank. ?Attempt to get your bottom hip directly over your bottom knee. ?Keep your support elbow straight, but avoid hyper-extension. ?Place your top hand in front of your forehead (salute) and abduct your top leg as parallel to the floor as possible. ?Point your top foot. ?Your spine should be as neutral as possible.To Perform the Exercise:_ Inhale as you flex the top leg and pulse forward two times, simultaneously dorsiflex the ankle. Then exhale and extend the hip as far as you can stabilize the torso and simultaneously point your foot. ?5-8 ?reps on each side.?

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