Side Kick Advanced

Description: The Side Kick is a beginner Pilates mat exercise, which requires hip mobility and spine stabilization in a side lying position. ?As you flex and extend your top hip, your torso, bottom leg need to hold your body still. ??Although the leg movement comes primarily from your hip flexors and extensors, you will also feel the hip abductors on the top leg working to hold the leg up. ?This Advanced Side Kick variation, adds upper body strength and more balance requirements to the beginner level. ?As you flex your hip to bring you leg forward, you lift your ribcage for the mat using your lats and obliques. ?It adds a considerable amount of work to the exercise and that? why it bumps it up two levels.Start Position: Begin side lying with your spine and pelvis in neutral and lined up with the back of the mat. ?Your bottom arm resting on the floor with your elbow flexed and your head resting on your hand. ?Your top arm is also flexed at the elbow with your hand resting on the side of your head. ?Your bottom leg is hinged forward, resting on the mat, and your bottom ankle flexed to help maintain balance. Your top leg is lifted hip height and toes are pointed.To Perform the Exercise:_Inhale and flex your top hip to bring that leg forward, simultaneously dorsiflexing the ankle _ pulse that leg forward two times keeping the spine and pelvis from rotating forward or back. ??Simultaneously lift your ribs off of the mat balancing on your bottom elbow. ?Then, exhale as you return your ribs to the mat, simultaneously extending the top hip and pointing your toes, to take your leg as far behind you as possible without rotating the pelvis or extending the spine. Repeat for 5-8 repetition and then perform the exercise on the other side.NOTE: Not all exercises are for everyone, so pick and choose which ones will work best for your client and / or group.

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