Shoulder Bridge

Description: The Shoulder Bridge from the Pilates Mat Repertoire strengthens the lower body. It also challenges spinal stability, by keeping the hip lifted on one leg, as you lift and lower the other leg. ?Start Position: Begin supine on the mat with you knees bent, spine in neutral and feet about hip distance apart and close to your seat. ?Keep your arms resting on the mat. ?To Perform the Exercise: _Exhale as you lift your pelvis as high as you can maintaining the stability in the lumbar spine. ?Then inhale as you lift one leg through table top and point your toes toward the ceiling. ?Inhale as you dorsiflex the ankle and lower the leg as far as you can keeping the pelvis and spine neutral. Repeat that movement two more times and on the last repetition, flex the knee and replace the foot to the floor. ?Repeat the entire leg lift series with the other leg. ?Complete 3 sets.

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