Shoulder Bridge

This exercise is advanced and should only be performed by a trained individual or with a trainer professional teaching the exercise. When performed correctly, it takes a considerable amount of coordination and lower body strength and mobility. Start Position:Begin Supine on the carriage in a neutral spine position with your knees bent and your heels on the Footbar.To Perform the Exercise:Exhale and lift your pelvis off of the carriage by extending your hips, while keeping the carriage still. Inhale and press the carriage back taking one leg through table top and extending it toward the ceiling. Allow the hips to lower as you press the carriage out. Then exhale, return the carriage bringing your pelvis back up, and lower the gesture leg over the footbar flexing your ankle. Inhale, press the carriage out lifting the gesture leg toward the ceiling and point the foot. Repeat 4-6X and finish with the carriage out. Bring the gesture leg through table top and place the heel back on the bar. Repeat the exercise on the other side. To finish, place both heels on the footbar, return the carriage and then roll the spine and pelvis down onto the carriage.

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