Short Spine

This is a beginner / intermediate exercise that stretches the entire posterior chain of muscles of the body. Although this is a beginner exercise there are many moving parts. ItÌÎÌ_Ì´å«s a great exercise for those who have a difficult time with Roll Over and Jack Knife on the mat.Equipment Set Up: Headrest down. Feet in Straps. 2 full tension springs may be used for this exercise. Start Position:Lay supine on the carriage with your feet in the straps, your legs straight and out on a diagonal line and your legs laterally rotated.To Perform the Exercise:Inhale, as you turn your legs to parallel and flex your hips as far as you can with your pelvis and spine in the neutral position. Next, exhale and using the assistance of the spring tension, keep the carriage moving as you roll your hip and lower and mid-back off of the carriage. Then inhale as you keep your hips up and flex your knees into a diamond shape. Also flex your ankles at this point. Then exhale as you press your heels together and keep them still in space and simultaneously roll your back onto the carriage (keeping the carriage still). Next, inhale as you again pull your feet to your seat and simultaneously bring your pelvis back into the neutral position. Finally, exhale as you press your legs back out to the start position. Also, point your toes at this time. Complete 3-5 repetitions.

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