Short Box Series - Twist with Round Back

This intermediate level exercise combines movements in multiple planes. It requires coordination, strength, and body awareness. Equipment Set Up:Place a box over the shoulder rests (width-wise) and slide it as far forward as possible to rest against the shoulder rests. Stopper and Gear Bar set for footwork. Attach the foot strap around the platform end. Use 2-3 full tension (heavy) springs, marked red on the STOTT PILATESÌÎå«Ì´Ìâ Reformers, so the carriage does not move during the exercise.Start Position:Begin seated on the short box with about a hands-width distance between your seat and the edge of the box. Hold the foot strap around your ankles and keep your ankles dorsiflexed. Bend and lift your knees so that your achilles tendon is pressing against the edge of the carriage. Your pelvis should be vertical and your spine should be neutral. Hold a pole in your hands above your head.To Perform the Exercise:Exhale and flex your spine as you tilt your hips back and lower the bar to level with your shoulders. Keep your eyes looking forward so that your head tilts forward as your body flexes back. Inhale and lift your arms up to your ears. Exhale and rotate your torso to one side without moving your pelvis. Inhale and return to center. Then repeat on the other side. From center, exhale and lower arms and begin to flex your hips forward. Inhale and continue to come forward in flexion bringing you pelvis back to vertical. Next exhale to articulate your spine back to neutral with your arms in front of you. Then inhale to lift the bar back up to the start position. Complete 4-6 repetitions.

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