Rolling Like a Ball

Description: The Rolling Like a Ball, from the Pilates Mat Repertoire, is a moving exercise, but without a lot of moving body parts. ?It is all about control, balance, and strength. It? the easiest of the rolling exercises to perform, because of shorter levers as well as keeping the spine in flexion throughout the exercise.Start Position: Begin in a balanced position seated off of the sit bones with your legs flexed and together and your hands holding resting on your shins. ?Toes are pointed. Spine is flexed in a C-curve. ?Head is flexed forward in line with the spine, not jammed into the chest.To Perform the Exercise: _Inhale as you increase the flexion in the spine and roll back onto the mat onto the upper thoracic spine. ?Then exhale, keeping the spine flexed and increasing the tension on the abdominals to roll back to the start position just off of the sit bones. Complete 5-8 reps.

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