Roll Down with Punches

This exercise is a great example of what happens when you combine the fitness and Pilates worlds ÌÎÌ_Ì´å you get a dynamic and fun exercise that works the whole body. It takes a lot of mind-body connection to perform. It also takes a considerable amount of abdominal strength, upper body strength and lower body control. Start Position:Begin seated tall in a neutral spine position on the carriage facing the back with your legs on the outside of the shoulder rests. Hold a strap in one hand and have both arms rounded in front of you, but not touching. Be sure that there is about a hands-width distance between your seat and the edge of the carriage so you can safely roll back.To Perform the Exercise:Exhale and roll the pelvis back while flexing the spine and pulling your hands toward your chest. Inhale and place the free hand on your hip. Then exhale and punch the hand holding the strap across your body, rotating your torso and keeping your pelvis dynamically stable. Repeat 3-5 punches and then return to the center and inhale as you bring your hand from your hip to match the strap hand with arms rounded in front of your chest. Then, exhale as you flex your hips to bring your upper body forward and flexed over your legs. Then inhale as your stack the spine back up to neutral articulating from tail to head. Repeat the exercise 3X on that side and the repeat on the other side.

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