Description: Rocking is an advanced level Pilates Mat exercise, which is extremely challenging for many clients. ?It requires strength, but focuses primarily on mobility. ?Be sure that you have mastered the Double Leg Kick and the Swan Dive ?before attempting this exercise. ?Also, check out the regressions as they will help prepare someone to complete the full exercise.?Start Position: Begin prone with your spine and pelvis as close to neutral as possible (but slight spine extension may be necessary). ?Your arms are extended, your legs as close together as possible and knees flexed. ?Hold the tops of your feet in your hands.To Perform the Exercise: Inhale and press your feet into your hands to extend your knees and hips, simultaneously abducting your hips and extending your spine. ?Keep your abs engaged so that you can extend the entire spine and not just the lumbar. ?Then exhale and return to the start position.?Note: Not all exercises are for all people, so please consult with a trained professional before attempting any exercise.

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