Reverse Teaser with Arm Work

This one is really fun. ItÌÎÌÌ´å«s a JGFIT Pilates Reformer original. ItÌÎÌÌ´å«s a great regression from the Teaser on the Box exercise from the original repertoire. We think youÌÎÌ_Ì´å«re really going to love this one. Start Position:Start seated on the Reformer facing the pulleys. Position yourself close to the Shoulder Rests, so that when you lie down, your shoulder blades are just off the edge of the carriage. Start with your legs straight (or bent) and balanced in the teaser position. The straps are in your hands and your elbows are slightly flexed.To Perform the Exercise:Exhale as you roll down, keeping your legs still in space. Simultaneously, flex your elbows fully as you roll down onto the carriage. Then, inhale as you begin to reach the arms over your head (aim toward the ceiling, not toward the floor) and extend your upper back off of the end of the carriage. To return, exhale and flex your elbows bringing your arms back into a biceps curl position and simultaneously articulate your spine from head to tail back into flexion. Then, continue to exhale as you roll back up and return to the start position. 3-5 repetitions

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