Pilates Push Up

Description: The Pilates Push-Up is a complex exercise that requires strength and flexibility. ?It? typically completed at the very end of the Pilates Mat Workout and shows control and balance as well as strength when performed properly.Start Position: Begin standing with knees, hips, pelvis, and spine in neutral. ?Your arms are resting by your sides.To Perform the Exercise: Inhale as you roll down from head to tail and place your hands on the floor. ?Exhale as you walk your hands out into a plank position in four steps. ?Then inhale and lower your body to the floor in three movements by flexing your elbows a little bit more on each of the movements. ?Exhale as you press back up in one movement and reverse the pattern by inhaling to walk your hands back to your feet and exhale to roll back up to the start position. ?Complete 3-5 repetitions.

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