Pilates Mat Interval Circuit Workout 3-14-18

Pilates and traditional fitness training are perfect complements. In this workout, we use intervals and circuits from the fitness world with Pilates exercises from Mat and other apparatus, creating a fast paced, intermediate level mat workout. There are three exercises in each round and there are six rounds. Perform each round two times. Perform each exercise for 50 seconds and then take a 10 second transition to the next exercise. There is a 20 second transition between rounds. Programming Tips: The workout is 40 minutes in length. To add time, complete three sets of each round instead of two. It is designed as a full body intermediate level workout for students with some pilates experience. Not all exercises are for everyone, so pick and choose which ones will work best for you or your clients. For more information about the equipment John uses, visit www.merrithew.com.

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