The Overhead is an advanced Reformer exercise that takes strength, control and timing. It comes from the Jack Knife on the Mat and that exercise should be taught before attempting to do this more challenging exercise. Start Position:Begin with 2 full tension (heavy) springs on and be sure that the gear bar and stopper are positioned correctly for strap work. The Headrest should be down to protect your neck.To Perform the Exercise:This exercise is performed in 6 counts as follows: (1) Press your arms down to the carriage and simultaneously hinge your hips and lift your pelvis over your head, coming to rest on your shoulder blades (scapula). Be careful not to roll up onto the cervical spine. (2) Using your glutes and hamstrings, lift your legs toward the ceiling, being careful not to go higher onto your shoulders and neck to do so. (3, 4) With control, roll down onto the carriage. (5) Lower your pelvis onto the carriage and return to the neutral pelvis and spine position. (6) Return your arms to the ceiling and lower your legs back to the start position.

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