One Leg Circle

Description: One Leg Circle is a challenging exercise for those with tight hamstrings in order to hold the leg up as well as stabilize the pelvis against movement. ?It? challenging for those who are flexible in order to stabilize the pelvis against a larger range of motion. ?It? one of the more difficult beginner exercises.Start Position: Begin supine with your spine in neutral and legs straight and one the mat either together or slightly separated. ?Your arms are resting by your sides on the floor.To Perform the Exercise: _Inhale as you flex one leg into table top and exhale as you reach it toward the ceiling. ?Then inhale as you circle the leg across your body and exhale as you continue to circle the leg down and then out to the side and back to the start position again. ?Pause briefly before starting again. ?Complete 3-5 and then reverse the direction of the circle. ?Then inhale and bend the leg through the table top position and exhale return the leg back to the floor. ?Repeat the exercise with the other leg.

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