Neck Pull

Description: This is an intermediate level Mat exercise. ?It? no longer about actually pulling on the neck and it looks very similar to a full sit-up. ?But the Neck Pull requires timing, mobility, strength, and control in order to properly execute the exercise. ?This one is much more challenging than it looks.Start Position: Begin supine spine and pelvis in neutral. ?Your hands are behind your head and your feet are dorsiflexed.To Perform the Exercise: _Inhale and begin to flex your torso up off of the mat. ?Simultaneously posteriorly tilt your pelvis to begin to flex the lumbar spine. ?Then when you are almost halfway up exhale (this should be at the most difficult point in the roll up). Allow your elbows to come forward without pulling them forward. ?Flex your torso over your legs, but only bring your pelvis to vertical. ?Then inhale and articulate your spine from tail to head until you are sitting with your spine vertical and neutral. ?Then exhale and roll down onto the mat back to the start position. ?Complete 5-8 repetitions.

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