Long Stretch

The Long Stretch on the Reformer is an intermediate moving plank and works the entire front of the body. Master a plank on the floor before attempting this on the Reformer. This exercise is more challenging on the Reformer than on the floor because youÌÎÌ_Ì´å«re on a moving surface.Start Position:To start, place your hands on the footbar, about shoulder distance apart, and step up onto the carriage by placing the balls of your feet in the crease between the headrest and the carriage. Position your body in a plank.To Perform the Exercise:Stabilize in the plank position and inhale as you push the carriage out, moving from the shoulder joint. Then exhale as you bring the carriage back to the start position. Maintain a plank the entire time. Complete a 5-10 repetitions.

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