Long Spine

This intermediate level exercise requires strength, mobility and control. It is great for strengthening the gluteus maximus and hamstrings. It works best if you use extension straps. It can be performed with extending the straps, but it changes the exercise significantly. Equipment Set Up:Place extension straps on the foot straps. Lower the headrest. Use 3 Full Tension Springs if you are using the Extension Straps. Use 2 Full Tensions Spring if you are not using the Extension Straps.Start Position:Begin supine on the reformer with the extension straps on your feet. Legs are straight, together, parallel, and lowered down on the diagonal with your pelvis and spine in neutral.To Perform the Exercise:Inhale and flex your hips to return the carriage to the stopper. Then exhale and roll your pelvis and spine off of the carriage from tail to upper mid back, without moving away from the stopper. Inhale and open the legs to shoulder distance apart. Then exhale and roll down onto the carriage again without moving it until your spine and pelvis are on the carriage again in the neutral position. Continue to exhale as you extend your hips to move the carriage back out to the start position. Complete 3 repetitions and then reverse the leg position. So, your legs open hip distance apart and hinge with your pelvis and spine in neutral and then you roll up, close the legs and bring them parallel. Finally, you roll down without moving the carriage and then send the carriage back out by extending your hips again. Complete 3 in this direction.

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