Long Back Stretch

This advanced level exercise requires strength, mobility, and control. It is great for strengthening the upper body, core and legs. ItÌÎÌ_Ì´å«s a very different exercise than most of the repertoire and is a great one to add when someone has the upper body strength to do a dip.Start Position:Foot Bar all the way up. Begin with your hands on the footbar facing the back of the reformer, with your feet against the shoulder rests. Knees are extended, your spine neutral, and hips are flexed. To Perform the Exercise:Inhale and lower down by flexing your elbows (like a dip). Then, press the carriage out by extending your hips, flexing your spine, and extending your shoulders and elbows. Then, inhale and return the carriage by flexing your shoulders and returning your spine to neutral. To Reverse: Exhale and extend your shoulders, flex your spine and extend your hips, keeping your elbows straight. Then Inhale to bend your elbows, and return the carriage, bringing your spine back to neutral. Exhale and extend your elbows to the start position. Complete 3 forward repetitions and 3 reverse repetitions.

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