Leg Pull Front

Description: The Leg Pull from the Pilates Mat Repertoire is a moving reverse plank. ?It? made challenging by lift one foot off of the floor. ?It? more difficult to perform with good form for most people than the Leg Pull Front.Start Position: Begin in a reverse plank position. ?Hands on the floor under shoulder with you fingers pointed out to the sides. ?Legs are together and laterally rotated. ?Toes are pointed. ?Spine and hips are neutral. ?Head is slightly forward with eye gaze forward.To Perform the Exercise: _Inhale as you lift one leg as high as you can maintain stability in the pelvis and spine, simultaneously keeping toes pointed. ?Then exhale as you lower the leg, dorsiflexing the ankle. Repeat that movement two more times and on the last repetition, keep the gesture foot pointed and replace the foot to the floor. ?Repeat the entire leg lift series with the other leg. ?Complete 3 sets.

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