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Ranch Mat Series - Level 2, Workout 5

Length: 0:30:36

This workout is part of a series I developed when I was a guest Pilates Instructor at Rancho La Puerta in Tecate, Mexico.  During my visit I taught a 45-minute, Pilates Mat Level 2 class each day.  There are six workouts in this series.  This fifth workout is a bodyweight only workout (no props).  My goal was to teach Intermediate workout to new students who have some Pilates experience.   I kept a copy of all of my class notes and turned them into a series for John Garey TV.

The workout is designed as a full body intermediate level workout for students with some pilates experience.  Throughout the video programming tips are given on how to present the exercises and the purpose for the selections made.  Not all exercises are for everyone, so pick and choose which ones will work best for your client and / or group.

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