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    Theo St. Francis has been exploring the vast landscape of body-reconnection since his 2013 spinal cord injury at the start of his Mechanical Engineering and collegiate swimming careers at MIT. After he fractured his C6 vertebra and immediately lost all movement and sensation below his collarbones for some time, he was introduced to a world of medical rehab which simply wanted to help him live in a wheelchair. Sadly, this is common. Theo had different plans, and a Pilates-based approach to rehab has enabled him to reclaim ownership of his healing journey. After carving out his own independence again and connecting to his body in ways he never knew possible, Theo has now partnered with his longtime trainer Stephanie Behrendt PMA-CPT to connect the worlds of paralysis recovery and mindful movement. You can find more about their project at Theo returns to MIT in 2018 for engineering and now, of course, movement study will be blended in.

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