JG Team Workout - Mat with Pilates Circle and Toning Balls 6-7-17

This workout is part of the series, JG Team Workouts. Filmed at John Garey Fitness & Pilates in Long Beach, CA, these workouts are created by John and highlight class formats offered to our clients each day. John teaches these workouts to the instructors and staff at the studio, as programming examples and for a little team fun. We hope you'll join us for these workouts, and learn how to program, teach and perform all of the exercises within each format. In this JG Team workout, we've selected a Matwork with a Pilates Circle and Toning Balls. It's a full body, intermediate level workout. We'll move the spine in all directions, strengthening the core and with the help of the props, we'll also challenge the arms and legs.Programming Tips:Please be sure that you or your clients and classes are ready for all of the exercises. Proper assessment of your clients is essential prior to beginning any work out program. Appropriate regressions and progressions and/or exercise omissions must be used with participants when necessary, in order to assure a safe and effective workout. For more information about the equipment John uses, visit www.merrithew.com.

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