Hip Twist

Description: The Hip Twist is an intermediate exercise that takes strength, flexibility and a lot of body awareness to execute correctly. ?The goal of the exercise is to move the legs from the hip joint while maintaining the pelvis position and torso position. ?Start Position: Begin seated on the mat off of the back of the sit bones. ?Place your hands on the floor behind you wide enough that you can maintain good shoulder stability. ?Your lumbar spine is flexed and your thoracic spine is lengthened (similar to the teaser position). ?Your hips are flexed with your legs together and as close to vertical as possible. ?Your knees are straight and toes pointed.To Perform the Exercise: Inhale and circle the legs together in one direction without moving the pelvis or spine. ?Exhale and complete the circle bringing the legs back to vertical. ?Change directions for ?the next repetition. ?Complete 8-10 repetitions.

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