Roll Up

The Roll Up looks very similar to a full sit-up, but requires timing, mobility, strength, and control to properly execute the exercise. This exercise prepares you for many other intermediate and advanced level exercises.
Start Position:
Begin supine spine and pelvis in neutral. Your arms are reaching over your head and your feet are pointed.
How to perform it:
Inhale and raise your arms to the ceiling, then exhale and flex your torso up off of the mat. Simultaneously posteriorly tilt your pelvis to begin to flex the lumbar spine. Continue to roll up until you are in a c-curve over the legs. Then inhale and begin to roll back onto the mat initiating the movement of the pelvis with you glute and hamstring muscles. Then exhale and continue to roll down onto the mat back to the start position. Complete 5-8 repetitions.
Programming Tips:
The Roll Down and Half Roll Up are all great warm-ups for this exercise. Then be sure to balance this exercise out with extension and lateral flexion, such as the Swan Dive Prep, and the Side Lying Side Bend.
First, decide what the challenge is for the clients. For example, if the abs aren’t strong enough, strengthen them with exercises like the Hundreds and Half Roll Back. Then progress to the full Roll Up. For a counter balance, to help on the roll up and down, hold Toning Balls or other weight to assist.
You can add challenge by increasing the lever length. For example, hold the arms by the side of the head during the roll down portion of the exercise. This will increase the demands on the abdominal muscles.

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