Front Rowing - Round Forward with Arm Circles

This intermediate exercise is one of the Front Rowing Series on the Reformer. It is great for strengthening the abs and mobilizing the shoulders as well. Small changes in the spring tension can really change the challenge of this exercise because of the long levers used throughout.Start Position:Begin seated in front of the shoulder rests with your spine flexed in a c-curve and pelvis in a vertical position facing the front (footbar). Your legs are straight out in front of you and together, or crossed to accommodate for tight hamstrings. Hold a strap in each hand and have elbows flexed and reaching behind your body as far as shoulder stability can be maintained.To Perform the Exercise:Inhale and reach your arms out even with your ears. Then exhale and articulate your spine up into a neutral position from pelvis to head, keeping your arms straight in front of you. Then inhale and raise your arms as high as you can while keeping the torso stable. Then exhale and circle the arms out to the side and reach for the floor, finally flexing your elbows and flexing your spine from head to tail back to the start position. Perform 3-5 repetitions.

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