Fitness Chair Workout with Jeremy 1-15-18

This workout focuses on improving strength and balance. It begins with exercises that focus on the lower body. then with exercises that focus on the upper body, and then on exercises that are core and full body integrated. The workout is mostly intermediate level. The springs are suggested and may need to be changed depending on the client’s strengths and goals. Programming Tips The recommended springs are for a STOTT PILATES® Stability Chair. Other manufacturer’s Chair will need different springs. Heavy Springs (H) are marked red and Light Springs (L) are marked blue. Top (T), Middle (M), and Bottom (B) refer to the hooks where the springs attach. Please be sure that you or your clients and classes are ready for all of these exercises. Proper assessment and progressions must be completed with each participant in order to assure a safe and effective workout. For more information about the equipment John uses, visit

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