Feet in Straps Series - Frog

Frog on the Reformer is part of the Feet in Straps Series in the intermediate level. This exercise requires strength, hip mobility and coordination. ItÌÎÌ_Ì´å«s another complex but fun move to master. It focuses on the adductors and rotators of the hip.Start Position:Begin supine on the reformer with the headrest up and the straps on your feet. Two full tension springs are recommended. Keep your hips, pelvis and spine in the neutral position. Your legs are together and laterally rotated with toes pointed.To Perform the Exercise:Inhale and flex your hips as far as you can keep the pelvis stable. Then exhale and flex your knees so that your legs form a diamond shape, keeping the carriage still. Inhale and extend the knees still keeping the carriage still. Then exhale and dorsiflex the ankle and circle your legs back to the start position. Point your toes as your legs come together. Complete 3-5 repetitions and then reverse the movement pattern.

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