Elephant on the Reformer is about disassociation. You are learning to move the legs (hip joint) while maintaining the spinal and pelvis position. It helps to increase body awareness, strengthen the core, and work the hip extensors. By adjusting the amount of spring tension, you can focus on either the core (lighter resistance) or the hip extensors (heavier resistance) primarily.Start Position:Begin standing on the reformer with your hands on the footbar and heels against the shoulder rests. Your spine will start either flexed (Round Back) or as neutral as possible (Straight Back). Your knees are extended, but not hyper-extended. Your head is in line with your spine.To Perform the Exercise:Inhale and extend the hips to move the carriage back as far as possible while keeping your spine stable. Exhale and return the carriage with control. Perform 8-10 repetitions.

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