Down Stretch

This is an intermediate, dynamic stretching exercise with many moving parts. It primarily stretches the muscles in the front of the body. The Down Stretch requires great control and body awareness.Start Position:Begin kneeling on the carriage with feet against the shoulder rests and hands on the footbar. Sit back toward (not on) the heels and flex the spine. Elbow joint is flexed as well and arms begin relaxed.To Perform the Exercise:Begin by exhaling and lengthening the spine from flexion through neutral to mover the carriage out, then inhale as you continue to move the carriage by extending the hips and knees and simultaneously lengthen the spine into extension. Then exhale as you hold that bow shape and extend the shoulders to return the carriage and then inhale to press back out for three repetitions. Finally, exhale and flex the knees and hips and then the spine to return to the start position.

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